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Hello there!

My name is Dolly Quintanilla,
a Peruvian Storyboard Artist with +4 years of experience.
I wish to share all the tips and knowledge I've gained over the past few years and also learn along with a team full of awesome artists. My animation and production-based training help me adapt myself to various types of projects. Comedy, mystery, fighting, action, persecution scenes, and parent-child/teacher-disciple interactions are my favorites to work with! So I can't wait to work on more awesome projects on the next big adventure!
Feel free to contact me for the passwords and any question you have at:


2022-now - “Storyboard y Animatic para Animación”
, Consultant
Maneki Workshops

Featured Films 

2022-2023 - KAYARA, Storyboard Artist
Tunche Films - Peru.

2019-2021 - KAI, Storyboard Artist
Red Animation Studio - Peru.

2018-2019 - AINBO, Storyboard Artist
Tunche Films - Peru.


2020-2022 QUILLA, Lead Storyboard Artist

Sonqo Identidad Audiovisual.
tor: Tania Calero

2021-2022 - SCREENSAVER, Storyboard Artist

Workshop MUMA, Team Indigo

2020-2021 CAMAQUEN, Lead Art Department 
MJ Campos.
Director: Maria Jose Campos

2015-2016 Allegro Magico, Director/Lead Storyboard Artist
Toulouse Lautrec Student Project


Digital Animation - Toulouse Lautrec 2019

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